It doesn't matter whether you use Lumino® products in the garden, a park, your terrace or swimming pool.

With Lumino® Stones you can make your project something very special.

The answer is no

  • No electrical installation necessary
  • No additional running costs
  • No breakdown or reason for loss of light
  • No maintenance costs
  • No radiation


The production of the "brightest paving stones in the world" is based on a completely new process for integrating photoluminescent particles into the surface of polymer concrete. In addition, a patented formula is used that allows 87% of the polymer concrete to be produced with pure desert sand.

The paving stones are far superior to concrete blocks and can be compared with very good granite in hardness and abrasion resistance. In addition, they are absolutely water-repellent, frost-resistant and so environmentally friendly that they can be used in water protection areas.

Safety aspects and show elements in an innovative product make the Lumino® paving stone a highlight in the design of parks and gardens, shopping centres, hotels or public squares for city planners and architects alike.

The "brightest paving stone in the world" has all the success factors for a market in which not just products but emotions are bought.