Light is the key

The sun makes the
technology possible.

The glowing effect of the stone surfaces is brought about by luminescent particles, which absorb light during the day and slowly emit it again in the dark.

This process is endlessly repeatable without wearing off. Lumino products are made in Germany.


Infinitely often

The glow effect is a physical process wich can be repeated as often as required and hardly ever is subject to any abrasion.

To make it shine at night

Standard sizing

The Lumino® cobblestones are available in standard sizes. So if you ever need a complementation, you can be sure everything will be smoothly fitting. The surface is interspersed with particulary powerful luminous pigments.

Powerful objects

The paving stones are passable and particularly resilient.

They are even so environmentally sound that they can be used in water protection areas.

Fields of Application

Especially where safety is concerned, Lumino® will show to be the most suitable and appropriate product on the market. Safety aspects & Showcomponent all in one

Lumino® is the perfect item for architects and town planners.

Hard as rock

Lumino® paving stones are far superior to concrete blocks and can be compared with very good granite in hardness and abrasion resistance.

This makes them especially resistant and universally applicable.

Secure & Beautiful

At night, the gentle lighting effect reveals Lumino® products as ideal land markers, requiring neither batteries nor electricity.

The products achieve their optimum luminosity when allowed to absorb sufficient light.